Our health facilities

Aurelia Hospital

Via Aurelia 860 - 00165 Rome

The Aurelia Hospital is the most important multispecialistic accredited private structure of Lazio for acute illnesses, a reference point for all the medical and surgical specialties. The only private institution with a first-level DEA certification, equipped with an excellent emergency ward, a fully monitored intensive care unit, a well-advanced equipment and a medical team working twenty-four hours a day.


Hospice S. Antonio da Padova

Via Mecenate, 14 - 00184 Rome

The nursing home S. Antonio da Padova is a very high prestige hospice, comparable to a five-stars hotel. The structure offers an extremely comfortable environment, giving medical assistance with the help of a team of expert doctors, paramedics, psychologists and anaesthetists who continue to take care of the patient even at home, using cutting edge pain control and therapy techniques.


Casa di Cura Città di Roma

Via Maidalchini, 20 - 00152 Rome

The Casa di Cura Città di Roma is one of the most historical multispecialistic sanitary structures for acute illnesses of the Capital. The structure includes all the medical and surgical specialties and it is also one of the main neonatology’s centres of the city.


European Hospital

Via Portuense, 700 - 00148 Rome

The European Hospital, accredited by the National Sanitary System for the cardiovascular discipline, represents the second cardiac surgery pole of Lazio Region. The institute, moreover, in private regimen receives all the other surgical specialties and its centre for the cure of sterility and for assisted fertilization, with cutting edge techniques and a high succeeding percentage of the performed procedures, is very well known.


Casa di Cura Samadi

Via di Grottarossa, Km 2,200 - 00189 Rome

The Casa di Cura Samadi is one of the main neuro - psychiatric structures of the Capital, accredited by the National Sanitary System. It receives patients sent by many mental health centres (CIM) of the territory, guaranteeing a highest-level assistance.


L'Eremo di Miazzina

via per Miazzina, 16 - 28814 Cambiasca (VB)

The Eremo di Miazzina represents one of the greatest Piedmontese rehabilitative centres, accredited by the National Sanitary System. The aspect is the one of a Swiss hotel of the beginning of the twentieth century: wide halls, dining room and living room are all suitable to gather a great number of hosts with a great comfort.


Villa Berica

Via Capparozzo, 10 - 36100 Vicenza

Villa Berica represents one of the main Vicenza’s private clinics accredited by the National Sanitary System. Besides the intense medical-surgery’s activity, for many years the structure has been well known for the cure of the diabetic foot, which is a pathology treated to the full-spectrum by high-level multispecialistic team. The Institute is also an important reference point for the day-hospital activity of the area.


Hesperia Hospital

Via Arquà, 80 - 41125 Modena

The Hesperia Hospital is a multispecialistic private hospital with of highly specialized departments. In particular, the institute is a centre for cardiac surgery of international importance, together with a coronary care unit and a hemodynamic lab that characterize its innovative development strategy. In 2006, in an official statistics published on the main national daily papers, it was classified as “the first Italian cardiac surgery”.


Villa Garda

Via Monte Baldo, 89 - 37016 Garda (Verona)

The Casa di Cura Villa Garda is accredited by Veneto Region in the specialty of cardiologic rehabilitation and nutritional rehabilitation. It represents the reference centre for cardio patients, for both operated and post-infarction patients, who are streated with a multidisciplinary approach that includes medical, psychological and informative therapies.


Rugani Hospital

SS 222 Chiantigiana località Colombaio - 53035 Monteriggioni (Siena)

The Rugani Hospital has been located in Siena since 1932; operating within the National Health Service, it guarantees high-quality medical-surgical and diagnostic performances in the specialized branches of orthopaedia, general surgery, eye surgery, urology, ENT (ear, nose and throat) and neurological and orthopaedic intensive rehabilitation.


Villa Von Siebenthal

Via della Madonnina, 1 - 00045 Genzano (Rome)

Villa Von Siebenthal Nursing Home is one of the main neuropsychiatric structures of the region, accredited by the National Sanitary System. It receives patients sent by the several mental health centres (CIM) of the territory, guaranteeing an extremely high-level assistance.


Istituto Raffaele Garofalo

Via Albertini, 21 - 28883 Gravellona Toce (Vb)

The Institute Raffaele Garofalo, inaugurated on 20 September 2013, is the new nursing home for rehabilitation, accredited by the Service Health disciplines in post-traumatic and post-operative (post-acute) for the recovery and rehabilitation motor function, neurological and respiratory. And 'named after Prof. Raffaele Garofalo, founder of the Group.


CMSR Veneto Medica

Via Vicenza, 204, 36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI)

In the context of Cardiology, CMSR offers patients in the region cardiology services, holter dynamic ECG and pressurizers, stress testing, Doppler echocardiography, Doppler vascular ultrasound, myocardial scintigraphy in collaboration with Nuclear Medicine, and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in collaboration with the Magnetic Resonance Service.

  • Aurelia Hospital

  • CMSR Veneto Medica

  • Casa di Cura Rugani

  • Casa di Cura Samadi

  • Casa di Cura Città di Roma

  • Eremo di Miazzina

  • European Hospital

  • Castello Orsini di Nerola

  • Villa Berica

Hotel Facilities

Residence Ponte Bianco

Via F. Cornaro, 19 - 00152 Rome

Adjacent to the Casa di Cura Città di Roma, in a high-density area next to the historical city centre, the Residence Ponte Bianco is provided with one hundred and twenty one-room and two-rooms apartments.


Park Hotel & Residence Blanc et Noir

Via Alberese, 38 - 00149 Rome

The Park Hotel and Residence Blanc et Noir hotel complex rises on a wonderful hill of approximately ten thousand square meters, in a tree-lined park to fifteen minutes from Leonardo da Vinci airport. The complex is made of seven mansions working as residence and two hotels, which means a total of nine hundred and fifteen beds.


Castello Orsini di Nerola

Via Aldo Bigelli, 54 - Nerola, Rome

The Castello Orsini di Nerola (five stars) is a dwelling able to offer a special atmosphere and unique scenarios. Built in the 10th Century and firstly given to the Prince Orsini and then to the Barberini, to the Lante della Rovere and to the Sciarra Colonna families, the Castle witnessed battles, intrigues, loves and crimes.

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